Since 60 years, the Kothari Group has maintained long-term relationships with society. Agri-based communities surrounding the plants have been blessed with diverse development initiatives that spell the greatest good for the greatest number. The intention of giving back and contributing to the community drives each one of us at Kothari Petrochemicals as well.
Responsibility Grows On
We are a major contributor to social and community development, and as we continue to grow and evolve, the commitment and responsibility to serve our communities grows as well.
Touching Bases Regularly
Our continuous dialogue with the community exemplifies our commitment and earnestness to understand and address issues of mutual interest and concern.
Win-Win Participation
By promoting public participation we are able to share timely and accurate information on how to foster our strong tradition of improving environment, culture and human services in the community.
Enlightening Relationships
We develop and maintain collaborative relationships with organizations and individuals in the community and educating them about our policies, products, and programs
Supporting Education. Building Careers
We contribute to the education and welfare of young people to make them competent and also offer opportunities to take up exciting careers with us
Employer Satisfaction
Our employees who volunteer to play an important part in our community projects and campaigns are encouraged and rewarded