Current State
Following the steady increase in crude oil pricing, there is immense pressure in different aspects of the Polyisobutylene manufacturing process. Various actions and course corrections that stemmed out of our rich expertise and experience have given us considerable control over the items that are within our domain. All capital and revenue expenditures are closely reviewed and implemented. With continuous innovation and Kaizen becoming inevitable, the workforce have risen to the occasion and have delivered when it mattered.
Breakthrough Ideas
Improvement opportunities have been looked at very closely and speedy implementation is pursued to reap the benefit. All the projects have been followed up with a clear accountability and timeline. Post monitoring is done to check the benefits on a sustainable basis.
Improvement of Quality
Constant Six Sigma process monitoring, evaluation and continuous improvement measures are implemented to bring improvements in process and quality capability. Bench marking is the best tool used to improve internal standard.
A Final Note
The need of the hour is ‘Passion, Creativity, Initiative, Kaizen and Innovation’. Right ambience is an undoubted requirement to take a step forward on these attributes - which is aptly demonstrated by means of continual training, closure interactions and clear communications.
Let me come back with the progress and good news soon!
Sincere thanks for your continued support.
Unit Head
Kothari Petrochemicals, Manali Plant Complex