Chemical stability of KVIS Polyisobutylene's is much superior to unsaturated mineral oil because of its high saturation. KVIS Polyisobutylenes have a very low acid value (is a measure that indicates the concentration of free fatty acid in the oil) and the value stands good in circumstances where the product is stored for extensive periods. The degree of modification from ultraviolet rays, heat or oxygen is demonstrated by the acid value. Only severely high temperatures can cause decomposition.
Chain Structure
KVIS Polyisobutylene's have more consistent and similar molecules compared to conventional Polyisobutylene's
Possible variations in conventional Polyisobutylene, consisting of N - butene and I - butene
KVIS Polyisobutylene only consisting of
I - butene
Solubility and Compatibility
KVIS Polyisobutylene's are soluble in Non-Polar Solvents and insoluble in Polar Solvents. Sometimes, polymer molecular weight can influence solubility.
Solubility of KVIS in various solvents
O : Soluble, △ : Partially Soluble, X : Insoluble