KVIS 200 finds application in various fields like :

»  Manufacturing of butyl rubber adhesives.
»  Automobile segment for all kinds of butyl rubber bonding applications.
»  Manufacturing of special type of sealants which is used in the gap filling applications.
»  Industrial grease manufacturing
»  Replacement of special type of greases in sugar industry travel grate
»  Usage of the key ingredients of lubricant which is used in sugar crushing units
»  The industrial lubrication and specialty gear oils
»  Agricultural traps (insects and Rat trap)
»  Optical fibre

»  Higher viscosity and higher flash point makes Kvis 200 a perfect product for this application, and more importantly trouble free operation in comparison to the high temperature grease will make the move easier for customers to shift.

»  Kvis 200 also finds its application in the addition of bright stock as the efficiency of refining process in the global refineries have greatly improved to extract as much as hydrocarbons, which has resulted in the production of Base oils not meeting the original specification standards.

»  Kvis 200 is used to improve the quality of bright stocks by meeting the required viscosity, flash and pour point.

»  Kvis 200 also finds its application in the tyre industry where it is used as a coating in the inner lining of the tyre.